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Our Story

We have always wanted a good steakhouse here in Knoxville, TN.

We looked, but we only found a few that were decent, but none that lived up to their primal state of taste or quality. This is where Casen’s Steakhouse, was born, we wanted to bring you the best quality we could get our hands on, to serve you the best Steak you have ever had.

We have tried various cuts from many different local farms, and out state farms, just to find the best quality, taste, and tenderness to serve you all.

From homemade side dishes, and Prime USDA, hand-cut steaks, is what we wanted to show this town what a Steak is supposed to taste like. We hope you all enjoy your meal, serving you from our kitchen to your table.

Thank you, for choosing Casen’s Steakhouse!